Graphic Design

The most important part of presence starts with graphic design. If you’re trying to find a graphic designer, you’ve come to the right place. At LINLEY Planet we create extraordinary designs that showcases your business, intrigues your client, and tells your story. 

Digital & Printable

Quick View of graphic design we can offer our clients.

Logo Design

All formats included (Highest SVG included) Branding guidelines included. All Sizes Included.

Social Media Advertisement Design

PNG & JPG format.

Facebook Cover Design

PNG & JPG format

Company Wallpaper Design (mobile/desktop)

PNG, JPG format. Mobile/Desktop required size

Email Signature Design

PNG, Word/Google Documents with buttons. Size as required

Personal CV Design

PDF format. A4 size.

Business Card Design

PDF Printable format. Front and Back Design

Flyer/Poster Design

PDF Printable format. Front and Back Design


PDF, Word/Google Document format. A4 Size

Price list/Menu Design

PDF Printable format. A4 size

Product Label/Sticker Design

PDF Printable format. All sizes available

Brochure Design

PDF Printable format. A5 Brochure size

T-Shirt Designs

Format for printing

Company Presentation

A4 PDF Document (Printable)

Sign Boards

All sizes and formats

Ultimately, neither image format is better than the other. It’s simply a matter of which one is better suited for your needs.

If you want to share a photo from your camera on Instagram, Twitter, etc. your best bet is to use a JPEG. It’s smaller in size, it’s optimized for photography, and it’s widely supported across almost every platform and service imaginable.

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Think of your business as the job applicant and potential clients as the company that’s doing the hiring. The company profile sets out your firm’s capability, services and experience, and complements the portfolio of work that demonstrates your creative and design standards. 

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If you’re searching for social media ideas, you might be experiencing a few different problems:

  • Lack of creative inspiration. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like you have anything kicking around in your head.
  • Constant fire drills to find content to share. You might also be scrambling day-to-day to find enough content to share.
  • Content that isn’t getting results. In this case, it might be time to try something you haven’t thought of before.

That’s why we are here to help keep your business creative and fun with ultimate post ideas and content.